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  • 1045174 - <ER1188_CC15> pompom square cubic earrings
  • 1045174 - pompom square cubic earrings

  • Fluffy Pom is a cutie earrings with cubic zirconia are harmonized.
    It's unique items that can simultaneously produce a sense of luxury to the women ronghan length ~
  • 5.92 USD
  • 1043864 - <ER850-IC02> [Silver Post] bubble snow flower earrings
  • 1043864 - [Silver Post] bubble snow flower earrings

  • snow flower-shaped lines up with pearls and neat minimalist cubic eouleojyeo hwasaham stand out bubble snow flower earrings. Try with elegance and style of the innocent child yo when you want to produce a romantic atmosphere to the item. Please ♡ Good Choice
  • 8.38 USD
  • 1043930 - <ER868-CH19> star Ann mink earrings
  • 1043930 - star Ann mink earrings

  • Bling Bling Pendant Cubic full star pposong pposong mink hairs combined with earring. Pretty colorful and full of charm by year-end meetings or line item points to the party styling ♡
  • 9.37 USD
  • 1045105 - <ER1180_CC11> Chain mink earrings
  • 1045105 - Chain mink earrings

  • Soft mink chain materials and mix and match the earrings that are ~~
    If the match patiruk to demonstrate the unique light chain mink earrings!
  • 6.90 USD
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Fashions may come and go with earring styles, but earrings and pierced ears stay in fashion. Changing earrings is as easy as changing any other part of you apparel; but the influence they have on one’s appearance is both effective and subtle.  There’s no end of possibilities for designs, and the result can be playful, elegant, or just plain practical. At the 4xtyle online fashion jewelry store, we have a large range of hoops, studs and rings available at cheap and affordable prices.