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  • 1043881 - <NE258-BB15> black swan choker necklace
  • 1043881 - black swan choker necklace

  • If geolriswi a minimalist point of pearls and lace choker choker 2 things set out in 'black swan choker necklace' stylish by wearing layered and worn separately if there's a practical item, please ♡ simple charm Good Choice
  • 7.89 USD
  • 1043985 - <NE437_IG01> francia wing necklace
  • 1043985 - francia wing necklace

  • Pure and innocent charm of a small leaf motif designed product. :) Good item to wear with sparkling cubic zirconia are bright and lovable Daily Women
  • 12.82 USD
  • 1043865 - <NE256-IC02> [Silver chain] bubble snow flower necklace
  • 1043865 - [Silver chain] bubble snow flower necklace

  • snow flower-shaped lines up with pearls and neat minimalist cubic eouleojyeo hwasaham stand out bubble snow flower necklace. Try with elegance and style of the innocent child yo when you want to produce a romantic atmosphere to the item. Please ♡ Good Choice
  • 18.24 USD
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Pendants are one of the few circumstances where a design can be playful and refined. Many designs are one or the other – a smiley face or a set jewel; but a simple heart in gold can be very classy and light-hearted at the same time, as can a gold butterfly or flower.  4xtyle online's fashion jewelry can be more than one thing, elegant with a formal dress, pleasantly stylish with a sweater. What's even better is that they are available at very cheap prices.