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  • 1043888 - <JS176-S> [5Piece 1set] mink-play set-S
  • 1043888 - [5Piece 1set] mink-play set-S

  • mink bracelet + pearl bangle + ring 3Piece so a total of five came out with a set of product. Even with layered style may be worn separately Neat stylish and practical configuration unique :) buy one this winter and finished product required lovely style ♡
  • 16.77 USD
  • 1043863 - <JS174-IC02> [Silver Post] bubble snow flower set
  • 1043863 - [Silver Post] bubble snow flower set

  • snow flower-shaped pearl neat lines and minimalist cubic eouleojyeo hwasaham bubble snow flower stands out over the set. Try with elegance and style of the innocent child yo when you want to produce a romantic atmosphere to the item. Please ♡ Good Choice
  • 26.63 USD
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