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  • 889277 - <JS147-BE07> [Silver] round flat chain set
  • 889277 - [Silver] round flat chain set

  • Even tired every round flat chain set. It can be very tough to old and worn. Basic items like this one would have required about? Please do not miss Get ♡
  • 35.50 USD

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  • 13493 - <SL186-BD07> [Silver] Chrysanthemum flower scent set
  • 13493 - [Silver] Chrysanthemum flower scent set

  • The petals one by one detail is alive, small, slender design with a wave boyigido femininity and cuteness Both felt point item. When you have set, so be worn as much romantic woman Good Choice, please ♡
  • 15.78 USD
  • 1020533 - <JS154-BD06> [4bell set] [Silver] vonin set
  • 1020533 - [4bell set] [Silver] vonin set

  • vonin set will not get tired even daily wear. It's a child that the color of the pendant chain and affects the great ship. John showcase at an affordable price. Please hurry Get ♡
  • 33.53 USD
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