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  • 889275 - <BC309-BE07> [Silver] round flat chain bracelet
  • 889275 - [Silver] round flat chain bracelet

  • Even if you do get tired of every round flat chain bracelet. It can be very tough to old and worn. Basic items like this one would have required about one? Please do not miss Get ♡
  • 12.82 USD

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  • 1044603 - <BC563_HC04> ethnic tarot bracelet
  • 1044603 - ethnic tarot bracelet

  • Ethnic keolreogam attractive and luxurious real leather bracelet product. Slim leather string and leather strap with a twist this year with Glamorous items.
  • 8.88 USD
  • 1044064 - <BC472_HC06> Crew leather bracelet
  • 1044064 - Crew leather bracelet

  • Cubic Cubic dense set of satiety and Chic delicate process with clean, luxurious and stylish items product.2 handeuthan layered design line.
  • 10.85 USD
  • 227452 - <BC067-HE22> ring decoration leather bracelet
  • 227452 - ring decoration leather bracelet

  • The original leather is double padded style break off a comfortable fit and luxurious decor Gold stud bracelet. Wear a wide-dukkegam just a single product that can stand out julkkeo's made it fashionable ♡
  • 17.75 USD
  • 1043839 - <BC444-HB19> Violeta leather bracelet
  • 1043839 - Violeta leather bracelet

  • Some costumes and plenty of collectible also goes well too, no matter the season Violetta leather bracelet. Slim lines and quality in rose gold pendant'm attractive items. Please highlight the wrist ♡
  • 11.83 USD
  • 1043805 - <BC443-HE20> Swarovski Halloween leather bracelet
  • 1043805 - Swarovski Halloween leather bracelet

  • Haejueo a densely decorated with Swarovski crystals sparkle with dazzling luxury bangle. 2 real line as the product of a layered design handeuthan that's high quality leather La child. Good Choice, please ♡
  • 11.83 USD
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With such a long history rings are very much an establish part of many cultures.  But modern designers have added many twists to the classic rings of yesteryear, sometime quite literally. Fashion rings still appear in gold and silver, and as setting for diamonds and other stones; yet now rings can consist of multiple rings, or incomplete rings, matching sets on adjacent fingers or even delicate spirals that wrap around the finger. 4xtyle's Korean fashion rings can help convey anything from the light-hearted amusement of a cartoon character to the elegance of an engagement ring. They are also an ideal gift.