Bracelet & Anklet
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  • 1043498 - <BC391-HA13> espoir anklet
  • 1043498 - espoir anklet

  • Eseuppeuah well suited to casual here and there anklet. It dries quickly even touches the water too :) I love to wear as daily preparation of six colors. Good Choice, please ♡
  • 3.94 USD
  • 1043453 - <JS161-IH19> [Silver] tattoo choker anklet
  • 1043453 - [Silver] tattoo choker anklet

  • Jakkuman not uncommon eyes go tattoo choker anklet. Unique to collectible enough! The size increases and freely it can be utilized for a variety of purposes. Please hurry Get ♡
  • 2.96 USD

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With such a long history rings are very much an establish part of many cultures.  But modern designers have added many twists to the classic rings of yesteryear, sometime quite literally. Fashion rings still appear in gold and silver, and as setting for diamonds and other stones; yet now rings can consist of multiple rings, or incomplete rings, matching sets on adjacent fingers or even delicate spirals that wrap around the finger. 4xtyle's Korean fashion rings can help convey anything from the light-hearted amusement of a cartoon character to the elegance of an engagement ring. They are also an ideal gift.