have you ever stared at the mirror and wonderd what else you can do to make your pony tail more special$1 Well wonder no more, this ponytail at 4xtyle hair accessories wholesale online features rhinestones and beads that will dazzle up your basic hairstyle. We love the idea of using it to dress up a simple tee-and-jeans outfit, then our charming cheap ponytail is perfect choise for fitting. There are lots of colorful, attractive rubber bands that slick back your hair at Korean online shopping
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  • 1043797 - <HA406-EA06> chouchou ball ponytail
  • 1043797 - chouchou ball ponytail

  • Please make this block ringham hangadeuk ~ !! Swarovski stones only this outstanding luxury Chou view of ponytail. Brings utmost femininity with lovely colors and designs. I was ready in nine color ♡
  • 8.38 USD
  • 1043761 - <HA405-FE03> string pearl ponytail
  • 1043761 - string pearl ponytail

  • It's adorable and feminine pearl pendant decorated with a lovely room right bundle together two of the ponytail product design Pretty :) ponytail or items that emit more light when wearing half a bundle of style! Good Choice, please ♡
  • 7.40 USD
  • 887097 - <HA345-FD00> open ring ponytail
  • 887097 - open ring ponytail

  • open ring ponytail mood turned to one end! It can be chic Office hanger. It was prepared in three types. Good Choice, please ♡
  • 4.93 USD
  • 1043491 - <HA382-FE06> Rabat ponytail
  • 1043491 - Rabat ponytail

  • If you only worry about Rabat Ponytail Hair Styling No! So chic edge transformation! I prepared a variety of eight different colors. Good Choice, please ♡
  • 6.90 USD

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  • 1044608 - <HA479_EF08> alto ponytail
  • 1044608 - alto ponytail

  • Ponytail product plus a pop of color to Chic round edge design.
    Modern and stable style items as anyone look good.
  • 5.92 USD
  • 1044560 - <HA476_FC06> Brioche ponytail
  • 1044560 - Brioche ponytail

  • A lovely smile attractive design metal ponytail.
    Modern and Chic styles can produce a product with a simple style.
  • 5.42 USD
  • 1044546 - <HA475_FA04> Nuts ponytail
  • 1044546 - Nuts ponytail

  • Summer season starfish design blend in metal ponytail.
    Hair Item that can produce Chic style with a modern and simple style.
  • 5.42 USD
  • 1044236 - <HA448_FA00> Stella ponytail
  • 1044236 - Stella ponytail

  • It's shiny shiny cubic decorative item as a good practical point of hair out of the ponytail to wear for the daily preparation to .4 different color ♡
  • 6.90 USD
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