Attractive colors displayed on your monitor may vary from the actual fabric color at 4xtyle online shop. Goddess-worthy headband at our Korean fashion online focus on the detailing. this cheap headwrap with a romantic and attractive patterns is decked out with lovely, gorgeous decorations and appearance. This piece such as integrated, spangle party hairband is sure to leave your locks looking pretty and pristine. If your style can easily be described as boho glam, we've got just the headband for you. Visit at our cheap shopping online and get wholesale hair accessories.
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  • 1043387 - <HA378-FE04> twinkle cubic hairband
  • 1043387 - twinkle cubic hairband

  • Bling shining twinkle cubic Hair band. Good point euneunhage period. I prepared eight different colors. Choice to suit your taste ♡
  • 8.38 USD
  • 1044234 - <HA447_EE01> Moving hairband
  • 1044234 - Moving hairband

  • Product.Modernistic style with a slim band of stylish and simple design accents on a square cubic looked good look for any items that will wear Purple.
  • 4.44 USD

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  • 1043879 - <HA414-FB06> Olga hairband
  • 1043879 - Olga hairband

  • The three-dimensional flower of Wool fabrics, Olga hairband 'distinctive texture is thicker fabrics of bright mood juguyo the warmth, Gold Line me plus the soft femininity of pearls adorned the center. Quality products with high handmade ♡
  • 18.74 USD
  • 1043872 - <HA413-FB09> Virgin Flower hairband
  • 1043872 - Virgin Flower hairband

  • Elegant and luxurious quality hairband. Of warm fabric material Flower pendant, leather ribbon, pearl's lovely items designed as a point-feminine style Pretty sister by those who love nunyeogyeobol product!
  • 16.27 USD
  • 1043921 - <HA418-EG08> Elysee hairband
  • 1043921 - Elysee hairband

  • Geolriswi mood of the hairband. I am elegant, large and small pearl pendant that are combined and advanced. black & Gold color match and clean product that is attractive classic ♡
  • 12.82 USD
  • 1043891 - <HA417-EA08> love motion hairband
  • 1043891 - love motion hairband

  • The Cubic Bling one's hair band lovely feminine cock who kokkok decorated with a zigzag. An important meeting or exciting dating, blind date the day the appeal to wear UP! ♡ items to give
  • 9.37 USD
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