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  • 1043733 - <RI471-JB12> [Silver] Italian slim ring
  • 1043733 - [Silver] Italian slim ring

  • Silver delicate cutting materials imported from Italy luxurious Italian slim ring. Wear simple and without burden to the slim line. Collectible do enough to please hurry Get ♡
  • 6.41 USD

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  • 1045681 - <RI708_AF08> [Silver] wide shine twist ring
  • 1045681 - [Silver] wide shine twist ring

  • The ring design twist on the market are crowded yoreotge twist of the ring is clean and shiny feel I'm hard to explore, Silver is a unique luster and immaculate keolreogam a cool cool, bright products.
  • 22.68 USD
  • 1045671 - <RI704_JG03> [Silver] lace fan ring
  • 1045671 - [Silver] lace fan ring

  • lace pattern is reminiscent of the bohemian style of ethnic patterns
    It's slightly vintage yet feminine Neat silver ring of material.
  • 21.70 USD
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