Express your lovely mind for colors and style with these gorgeous brooches and pins which is crafted of gold, siver, and variety of other metals at 4xtyle. These stunning  jewelry such as lovely brooches in Korean complement your outfits and make you stand out. These wholesale jewelries is Loaded with clear glass decoration on blossom featuring innovative design. This handcrafted pins are fashioned from pretty small dolls and tiny glass beads.
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  • 1043825 - <FI081-FH05> [2Piece 1set] coat woman brooch
  • 1043825 - [2Piece 1set] coat woman brooch

  • Light felt material and Pure pearl is hamkkehan woman's coat can be worn separately as a set brooch.2Piece 1'm capable of directing a variety of practical items out. This cute design brooch Check noticeable ♡
  • 20.71 USD
  • 1043823 - <FI079-FH04> Initial pearl brooch
  • 1043823 - Initial pearl brooch

  • Slim and sleek to decorate the pearl in the Gold base as a whole made me to brighten up the face of luxury is compelling and distinctive initial pearl brooch.pearl should Pure euneunham. Boring costume, Try to produce stylish, wearing a muffler ♡
  • 16.77 USD
  • 888015 - <FI050-FH06> Coco Woman brooch
  • 888015 - Coco Woman brooch

  • Coco sensuous detail is outstanding woman brooch. It's unique child stand out anywhere. Good Choice, please ♡
  • 16.77 USD
  • 238084 - <FI038-FH06> Tweed Coco brooch
  • 238084 - Tweed Coco brooch

  • Finish styling with a sense of tweed Coco brooch hanamyeon OK! Also good as a gift. Good Choice, please ♡
  • 20.71 USD
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