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  • 1043699 - <EC118-CG20> Wake ear cuff
  • 1043699 - Wake ear cuff

  • Pure design a motif of leaves and Lovely Ear Cuff :) One can wear left in this tired and doendapnida please press after pulling into a tight earlobe. No need to pierce the ears can be worn comfortably, it'll stay hasilsu match ♡
  • 8.88 USD

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  • 1045705 - <ER1324_DI22> Unbalanced opal tear earrings
  • 1045705 - Unbalanced opal tear earrings

  • Swarovski opal Color drip down into the Peach Color Swarovski crystals and tiny squares of opal cubic cubic earrings are fantastic, this is a drop in ppoyatgo.
  • 16.77 USD
  • 1045105 - <ER1180_CC11> Chain mink earrings
  • 1045105 - Chain mink earrings

  • Soft mink chain materials and mix and match the earrings that are ~~
    If the match patiruk to demonstrate the unique light chain mink earrings!
  • 6.90 USD
  • 1044513 - <ER1017_DJ22> [Stainless Steel] Steel royal earrings
  • 1044513 - [Stainless Steel] Steel royal earrings

  • With no rust in stainless steel, durable alloy material
    I do not have any allergies also written a lot in recent years, jewelry materials ^^
    There is also a daily look favorably, became a well laid dress or blouse in pastel-like model
  • 11.83 USD
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