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  • 1043986 - <NE267_BC17> Downey choker necklace
  • 1043986 - Downey choker necklace

  • Lace and mink material packed full of charm with pearl decorated with a lovely choker necklace. F / WSeason trendy choker style deuryeoyo recommended!
  • 20.71 USD
  • 1045498 - <NE398_BB04> la boum tassel necklace
  • 1045498 - la boum tassel necklace

  • With a blend of antique plated chain and pearl of the Velvet material for ethnic vintage color
    This stylish and glamorous shine Necklace
  • 21.70 USD
  • 1043889 - <NE260-BA00> mink lady necklace
  • 1043889 - mink lady necklace

  • Pposong pposong warm mink that point and droplets of a lovely mood necklace chain charm decoration I have been coated Color Vintage Gold base with unique design :) and lengths ronghan Autumn, Winter point deuryeoyo recommended items ♡
  • 16.77 USD
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Pendants are one of the few circumstances where a design can be playful and refined. Many designs are one or the other – a smiley face or a set jewel; but a simple heart in gold can be very classy and light-hearted at the same time, as can a gold butterfly or flower.  4xtyle online's fashion jewelry can be more than one thing, elegant with a formal dress, pleasantly stylish with a sweater. What's even better is that they are available at very cheap prices.